Monday, November 11, 2013

After a Hard Fought Battle...

Madison will be coming home with an honorable medical release on Tuesday, November 12.  We are excited to welcome home our hero!

I saw two quotes today that made me think about our LDS missionaries.

The first was:

I don't know about never being missionaries, but I do know our LDS missionaries ARE messages!  They stand for truth and light in a world that is often clouded by sin and confusion. They are truly amazing!

The other quote is this:

I know we all wonder sometimes if our efforts really make a difference, and I hope Madison will take pride in knowing that hers have made a huge difference. Both in this life and in the next, for generations to come, I know the seeds she has planted will blossom. And I know she will continue to plant seeds in the future as well. We are excited to welcome her home after serving an honorable mission!  LOVE YOU MADDY!  WELCOME HOME! 

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